On September 9, a team of Shengjia members went to nearby Tianliao village for charity.

The owner of Shengjia, Mr. Ju Junping, had bought bags of high quality rice from Jiangsu Province. The team carried these rice together with some food oil to Tianliao by car. Then these rice and food oil were given to 12 poor families in the village as Mid-Autumn Day gift.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ju also gave 200-500 RMB cash to each of these family, to help them enjoy a better festival day.

This is one of the charities Shengjia carried out in this year.

Each year, Shengjia helps 10-20 students from poor families or poor areas. These kids are usually aged from 6 years to 15 years.

To manufacture metal parts with love, is the core mortal concept of Shengjia.

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